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Be a Volunteer

Be a Volunteer

We are looking for Medical volunteers to help us in our endeavour. We are hoping specifically for medical personnel, especially nurses or doctors who are keen to go on medical missions. Do look for us for we would love for you to join future projects and make a difference to the Cambodians!

For our upcoming trip (May 2017), we will require the expertise of the following professionals:


Role: To provide consultation at our mobile and on-site clinics which would be held over a length of 2 – 4 days throughout the two weeks of our trip. We welcome doctors from all disciplines (both Singaporean and Cambodian) to join us for any duration of time on the trip.


Role: To act as a bridge of communication between our team members and the local Cambodians. We welcome experienced interpreters who are confident in both the spoken and written Khmer and English languages, and who preferably have some knowledge of the local medical terms. Our translators play an integral role in our project in helping us to understand the concerns of the Cambodians and in overcoming the language barrier on our trip.


Role: To capture meaningful and memorable moments during the trip which can be used as a marketing tool for our project to further our cause.

Want to be a volunteer? Email us at for more details about how you can help us out.

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