Project Lokun



The Marketing Committee was formally established in the lead-up to Project Lokun’s 22nd service trip in December 2017. It serves as a bridge between Lokun and the general public, and plays a vital role in promoting Lokun’s mission and vision by securing sponsorships and donations as well as spearheading fundraising initiatives. It is also responsible for managing Lokun’s social media accounts and cultivating Lokun’s online presence and professional image.



  1. Sourcing for Sponsorships: the Marketing Committee receives a list of required materials from the other committees and reaches out to potential sponsors in hope of establishing partnerships and securing the items required for Lokun’s service trips. It also reaches out to various foundations to secure financial sponsorships needed to fund Lokun’s operations.
  2. Organising Fundraising Activities: the Marketing Committee plans and organises fundraising activities to supplement the grants we receive. These activities also serve as an avenue for bonding within the project as their execution involves all Lokuners. Project Lokun holds two major fundraising activities every year: our Valentine’s Day flower sales, as well as our Tau Huay sales at Singapore General Hospital, made possible by our project mentor, Associate Professor Tay Sook Muay. The Marketing Committee also comes up with t-shirt designs for the annual combined OCIP T-shirt sales held within the school.

During the Trip:

  1. Photography: the Marketing Committee is responsible for taking photographs to document Lokun’s service trips. These photographs are uploaded onto Lokun’s social media platforms and used to credit sponsors, as well as to prove to them that Lokun is putting their donations to good use. 
  2. Updating Social Media: the Marketing Committee posts regularly on social media during Lokun’s service trips to update sponsors about Lokun’s progress throughout the trips. These posts also serve as outreach to potential recruits, as Project Lokun takes in a new batch of Lokuners after every trip.


  1. Post-Trip Reports: after every trip, the Marketing Committee puts together a post-trip report that summarises the events that took place during that trip and highlights any new initiatives that were pioneered. Each committee and department submits a write-up about their activities during the trip, and the Marketing Committee organises all of the information into one comprehensive report.
  2. Sponsorship Appreciation: the Marketing Committee arranges meetings with sponsors post-trip to thank them for their contributions to Project Lokun. The sponsors are presented with the post-trip report as well as a token of appreciation. Many of Lokun’s current sponsors have been with us for several years now, and we are very grateful for their continued support. It is their generosity that enables Lokun to serve the people of Pursat.

Collaboration with UP

As with all of Lokun’s committees, the Marketing Committee is not only made up of students from the National University of Singapore, it also comprises students from the University of Puthisastra in Cambodia. The Singaporean and Cambodian wings host fundraising activities separately in their respective countries, and source for sponsors in both Singapore and Cambodia. As the Cambodian wing of Lokun was established fairly recently in early 2017, its efforts to establish partnerships with Cambodian companies and organisations are still in their infancy, so most of Lokun’s current sponsors are from Singapore. However, they are making good progress, and they were able to secure Project Lokun’s first Cambodian sponsor in December 2018.