Project Lokun



The Partnerships department forms the exploratory arm of Lokun. It seeks to pioneer and initiate new collaborations with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) through the sharing of insights, resources and data.

Why Collaborate with NGOs?

Collaboration with NGOs are an effective way to expand our audience and improve the quality of service we provide. Firstly, NGOs may have relevant data and a better understanding of the local healthcare scene in the specific villages. Such collaborations allow us to better adapt our initiatives to ensure that they are tailored specifically for the village. Secondly, NGOs may have relevant resources that they are willing to share. For example, in our Primary School Education, we make use of Khmer materials from Tuk Tuk 4 Change to teach dental hygiene. This increases our access to relevant local resources that have already been made.


Partnerships focuses on working with new NGOs in Pursat or Phnom Penh. The department researches possible partners, understands the scope of work carried out, then evaluates if there is any possible avenue for collaboration.

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