Project Lokun
Our collaboration with University of Puthisastra (UP)

Our collaboration with University of Puthisastra (UP)

Established in L21, University of Puthisastra Planning Committee (UPPC) consists of 10 UP students who mirror the organisational structure of the Singapore Lokuners. Throughout the year, Singapore Lokuners and UPPC members work closely to plan for and ensure the success of each trip. Our collaboration with the UPPC increases our efficiency, ensures that our materials and initiatives are culturally appropriate, and moves us closer toward our exit plan. L23 was no exception.

Beyond assisting with translation of materials such as pamphlets and questionnaires, UPPC members provided their input when it came to crafting these materials too. They also liaised closely with our Cambodian partner organisations, and conducted an independent recce trip to Pursat to lay the ground work before L23.

Summary of L23 Recce Trip: March 22-23 2018

Sought permission and support from village chiefs and primary school principals for our clinics and education activities in May

Discussed our health education syllabus and initiatives with primary school principals and teachers

Assessed the success of some of our education initiatives from L22

Discussed our referral system with key partners like Hand of Hope

When we met during L23, we discussed the collaboration between the Singapore Lokuners and UPPC moving forward. The future is promising; we can look forward to sharing data with one another, producing educational materials together, sharing more skills with each other, and conducting online meetings more frequently. We will be meeting the UPPC in Singapore during a short hosting programme, and look forward to working with them in the months ahead as we move Project Lokun forward together.

Our thanks to the UPPC of L23:

UPPC Head: Nit Buntongyi

Clinics Committee Head: Sok Sivemey

Education Committee Head: Trylim Bunna

Development Committee Head: Seng Sunnary

Marketing Committee Head: Kong Sreynuch


During every trip in Pursat, our Singaporean Lokuners conduct the Lokun Community Leadership Experience workshop. The workshop is modelled after our school’s public health workshops and inspired by our own experiences in community service. Conducted in small groups with facilitation, the workshop aims to equip its participants with some basic proficiency in public health and project planning. It also aims to further ignite their passion for serving the community. After four lessons, it culminates in a final competition where teams work head to head to come up with original ideas that can improve the work that Project Lokun does.

The workshop content has stayed roughly constant since a highly successful run in L22, with minor improvements based on feedback. In the future, the workshop hopes to expand on its public health content, as well as to include more skills like data collection and statistical analysis.

Workshop topics:

  1. Why Serve?
  2. Determinants of Health
  3. Project Structure (Logic Model)
  4. Sustainability and Effectiveness