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Village Clinics

Our clinics in L21
Our clinics in L21

Villagers come to obtain free medical checkups and medicine for simple illnesses. For more chronic or advanced conditions, they get referred out to local medical organisations. Medical students get to help out at various stations (e.g. triage and pharmacy), work with doctors, and see interesting medical cases. Additionally, our medical volunteers from the University of Puthisastra serve as translators and teachers.

Villagers from Prey Omal village waiting for consultation

The goal of clinics is not just to provide acute medical care for basic conditions, but to build rapport with the villagers and local partners so that we can implement more sustainable programmes. We make use of our clinics to bring villagers in for our health education programme, which covers practical topics such as Food Hygiene, Musculoskeletal Problems, and First Aid.

Water Village - Kampong Luong
Water Village – Kampong Luong

Kampong Luong – a floating water village in the Tonle Sap River; it house Vietnamese refugees who cannot step into Cambodian soil as they are not Cambodian citizens. Clinics are set up in a floating church and floating health centre.

Prey Omal & Toul Makak – We entered these 2 villages with the help of a NGO, Sustainable Cambodia, in 2017. In these new villages, we are planning to partner very closely with Sustainable Cambodia to provide a holistic health plan for the villagers which include regular health education and water sanitation programmes. Stay tuned for more developments!

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