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Care: Village Clinics

Village clinics are key to our efforts in providing the villagers in Pursat with free and accessible medical care. In L23, Project Lokun worked with four Singaporean doctors to conduct free health clinics for three villages in Pursat Province: Prey Omal, Takeo and Toul Makak. Our clinics consists of four components: Triage, Doctor’s Consult, Pharmacy and Health Education. For further follow up on cases that our clinics were unable to treat or diagnose, we referred them to their local healthcare system through our referral system.

During this trip, we are also proud to have added a safari bed and ward screen to our clinics set up. This helped to enhance the comfort and privacy of our patients who had to undergo physical examinations. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Yeap Medical Supplies and Alcare Pharmaceuticals for their kind sponsorship of Medical supplies which greatly facilitated our clinics operations.


Our impact

Clinic statistics

Over the course of 3 days, our clinics saw a total of 259 patients from 3 villages:

90 villagers at Prey Omal,

76 villagers at Takeo and

93 villagers at Toul Makak.

Based this trip’s clinics data, we noted a high proportion of acute cases, consistent with the data from previous trips. These problems include:

Musculoskeletal pain (20.6%),

Gastrointestinal Tract problems (20.0%) and

Ear, Nose and Throat infections (15.5%).

The data gathered is valuable for Project Lokun to tailor our initiatives to the primary issues and diseases affecting the villagers. We do this year on year, for instance in teaching stretching techniques and how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases during our Health Education Programme for patients at our clinics.

New Partnerships

Roleap Health Centre

During L23, we were fortunate to link up with a midwife and a volunteer from Rohleap Health Centre, who attended our clinic at Prey Omal village. We showed them around the clinic, and they gladly chipped in to help at the triage and education stations, taking patients’ history and teaching them more about water sanitation and oral hygiene. Roleap Health Centre has expressed interest in collaborating with us more and we look forward to see where this new partnership takes us in our journey to bridge patients back to their local healthcare system.


Clinics Acknowledgement

The Project Lokun family will like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following doctors, without whom our village clinics would have been impossible. Project Lokun is especially grateful for the continual support of these doctors through the years

Professor Koo Wen Hsin

– Volunteer Doctor in Project Lokun in 2012

Dr. Liu Biquan

– Project Head of L12 and L13

Dr. Chrisanda Lee

– Project Head of L12

Dr. Toh Zhi Hong

– Development Head of L13

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