Project Lokun
Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Several Foundations and Donors have been very supportive of our cause and have made incredible contributions to aid us in various aspects of our project. We would like to thank:

Singhealth and the Associate Dean’s Office, led by A/Prof Tay Sook Muay for their dedication, guidance and support in our fund-raising efforts.

Deans’ Office, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine led by A/Prof Yeoh Kay Guan, for their administrative support and for promoting our cause.


Sponsors for L21 (May 2017)

Pilot Corporation

Super Store Singapore Pte Ltd

Alcare Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

Smitech (Asia) Pte Ltd

Lozon (S) Pte Ltd

Allied Creations Pte Ltd



Dr. Priscilla/ Dr. John Lee

Our team is eternally grateful to our two founding mentors – Dr. Priscilla and Dr. John Lee, who continue to be instrumental pillars of support to Project Lokun. Their years of experience working in the scene have been translated into anecdotes, which they so graciously utilize to teach us the true underpinnings/challenges/realities of working in a foreign country. Their continued support and guidance have been immensely valuable in the successful planning of each trip.

Prof Tay Sook Muay

We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards Prof Tay Sook Muay for her crucial guidance, which has been instrumental to our project. She has been an invaluable beacon of knowledge and experience to our cause, which has been crucial to our project’s progress.


Website Sponsor

Ling Poh Foong (Design and Web Hosting)
Sabrina Lim (Copywriting)

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