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Our Partners

Our Partners


CROAP stands for Centre for Research on Optimal Agricultural Practices. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to help improve the lives of villagers and farmers within the Pursat Province.

CROAP is a subsidiary of the Catholic Mission, and is currently helmed by Brother Jed Medel and his dedicated team of locals. In the past, an agricultural school was set up to help teach young farmers techniques and knowledge essential for achieving a good harvest for each year. Once they graduate, the young men would be able to share their know-how with their own villages. Besides that, a kindergarten and cultural centre- in support of both formal and informal education- were also set up. These are aimed at providing young children with a basic education before primary level and serve as a healthy avenue for the kids to spend their time.

CROAP has been a committed partner of Project Lokun for the past 8 years and continues to support our endeavours fervently. Besides providing accommodation to the team, working with CROAP has opened many doors for the team in terms of our ongoing healthcare and education efforts. Working on-the-ground with CROAP has allowed us to connect more deeply with the villagers and implement our plans with greater efficacy. We have been privileged to be given the opportunity to engage the village heads individually and listen to their concerns/recommendations regarding our plans.

University of Puthisastra 





University of Puthisastra (UP) is a private Cambodian university in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Project Lokun began working with students and staff from the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences at UP since its 16th trip in December 2014. Students from UP provide us with valuable help as translators and offer us more insight into the Cambodian culture. We hope to continue working hand-in-hand with them and hopefully establish a strong bond with the Cambodian medical students.

Hand of Hope (HOH)

Hand of Hope Health Center
Hand of Hope Health Center


Hand of Hope is a non-profit clinic run by the international organisation- Joyce Meyer Ministries. Their presence in Pursat has been instrumental to the success of Project Lokun’s chronic healthcare programme. Patients whom our project have identified as hypertensive will be referred to this organisation to obtain their three month supply of anti-hypertension medications regularly. Their continued support in our project has led to a better control of hypertension in the region and a lower prevalence of associated complications.


 Sustainable Cambodia


Sustainable Cambodia is a local Cambodian non-profit organization that we have been trying to collaborate with in the past few trips, to enhance our impact in Cambodia in the long-run, ensuring sustainability of our project.

During our L20 trip, our development and education committee visited Sustainable Cambodia to discuss which new villages to move into, as well as the possibility of sharing health education resources. We will be looking to further collaborate with their Youth Wing for our health education programme.

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