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Our Team

Our Team



The Clinics committee primarily aims to provide free acute medical

care to the villages we serve. They plan the operations of these

acute clinics: purchasing drugs, acquiring logistics and recruiting

doctors. The committee also collects and analyses data collected

during the clinics process, so to better understand the epidemiology

of the villagers we serve and craft our initiatives to suit them.



The Education committee spearheads all initiatives that increase the

health knowledge of the villagers in Pursat, both for children and

adults. They work with relevent partner organisations to plan and

create relevant content for lessons, as well as supporting materials like

pamphlets, booklets and activities. It is our hope that knowledge gained

through their efforts will allow villagers to take full responsibility of their

health in the long term.



The Development committee is mainly responsible for ensuring the

sustainability of Project Lokun. Their work involves analysing the

needs of the villagers and exploring ways to reconnect villagers by

complementing the local systems through NGOs and healthcare

institutions there. In addition, the committee is responsible for

reconnecting Cambodians in Pursat back to their local healthcare

system through our patient referral system.



The Marketing committee is responsible for the image of Project Lokun,

both to our professional partners and to our fellow university students.

They build and maintain close relationships with our sponsors,

whose contributions ensure the smooth running of all our operations.

Marketing also oversees our fundraising initiatives, making sure that

the Project is able to reach its fullest potential.



Our ‘Cambridges’ committee (‘Cambodia’ + ‘Bridges’) cements our

relationship with the University of Puthisastra (UP). They take

charge of bonding Singapore and UP Lokuners, conducting

our public health and community service workshop for the

UP Lokuners, and oversee the collaboration between the

University of Puthisastra Planning Committee (UPPC) and the

Singapore arm of Project Lokun.

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