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Based in the Mondul Croap Nei Chivet in Pursat province, Project Lokun is a biannual humanitarian project from Singapore that aims to extend healthcare services to rural villages and to reintegrate these villagers back into the nation’s healthcare system. Pursat province is the 4th largest province in Cambodia, and its capital, Pursat town, lies 174 kilometres northwest of Phnom Penh. However, Pursat remains one of the poorest and underdeveloped areas of Cambodia.


Project Lokun reaches out to villages far from the city centre and serves villagers who would otherwise not have the time or money to obtain proper healthcare. The team usually comprises approximately 20-30 medical students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLLSoM), National University of Singapore (NUS) and a team of 6-8 accompanying doctors.

Testimonies and Reflections

Lokun 16 – Loy Daranthanrong, Year 4 Medical student from University of Puthisastra

“Project Lokun has provided me with great memories with my classmates, NUS friends and Singaporean doctors. I learned a lot about teamwork from my NUS friends; how they fostered a sense of community from living, eating and working together. When we finish our meals you guys always wash the dishes for me even though I wanted to help. On the first day, I went with Jian Wei and Jing Ting as an advanced team to set up the clinics. Both of you kept encouraging me, saying “don’t worry”. That changed my nervousness to strength and we managed to set up the clinic smoothly and successfully.  During the clinics, I worked as an assistant for a Singaporean doctor. I learnt a lot from him: the way to do physical examinations, diagnosis and prescribing medication. The doctors are very kind and generous with their explanations and taught us more about relevant diseases. In conclusion, this project is very good experience for all medical students as we are given opportunities to practice what we know with direct interaction with patients in clinics, and not only in school.”

Lokun 13 – Acute Case story

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“Every Lokun clinic is an interesting experience. Besides treating the more common cases of cough and cold, we also meet patients which require more urgent medical attention. This photo shows a patient who has his abscess drained by one of our volunteer doctors. Our efforts may not yield the largest of impacts, but a simple procedure can significantly benefit the standard of living of the patient; and that is what we hope to do at Lokun: to care for the Cambodians with.”

Eunice Goh, M2

“As strange as it may sound, something that I appreciated very much about Lokun was the rugged experience we had in CROAP. Having toads in our bathrooms, brown water to shower that left a sticky sensation in our joints, breaking out in sweat once we stepped out of the shower, sleeping in our own sweat in the overbearing Cambodian heat was just a very clear reminder that I was there not for myself, but for the Cambodians we met in the schools, the houses and the clinics. Being able to serve while being entirely out of my comfort zone in Project Lokun 13 was something I valued and I hope will continue in the future Lokun trips.”

Caleb Lim, M2

“Project Lokun 13 was an extremely enjoyable experience for me. It was immensely satisfying attending to the multitude of patients who visited our mobile clinics in Pursat & Pailin. Living in a small hut together with many varied forms of wildlife, away from the creature comforts of my home, was also a highlight of the entire experience. I learned a lot from Project Lokun and it is definitely a good cause to support!”

Reflections from Lokun 12

By Dr Wong Li Beng

Abstracts of reflections by Doctors, Students and Translators

More reflections by students

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